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NMD Asesores
Corporate Social Responsibility

NMD Asesores wants to contribute its part and wants to join the initiative of many companies to bet on Corporate Social Responsibility.

With our CSR activities, we have set out to improve the environment in which we work by instilling this philosophy in both our employees and our customers.

In our office we are especially aware of the tradition and natural environment of Mallorca and, especially, of the charming municipality of Santanyí.

NMD Asesores
NMD Asesores

That is why, since our foundation more than 30 years ago, we have collaborated with different foundations and associations to carry out their social work on the island.

In recent years, the firm has set short, medium and long-term objectives that help achieve our main CSR objectives.

A work environment in which our employees feel comfortable and happy, that our clients feel like part of our small family, and conserve the natural environment that surrounds us.

CSR activities

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