NMD Asesores wants to play its part and join the initiative of many companies to commit to corporate social responsibility. With our CSR activities, we have proposed improving the environment in which we work by instilling this philosophy to both our employees and our clients.

At our firm, we are particularly aware of Mallorca’s tradition and natural environment, and of the charming municipal capital Santanyí. This is why, since our founding over 25 years ago, we have worked with different foundations and associations to develop their social work on the island.

In recent years, the firm has set short-, medium- and long-term goals that help achieve our main CSR objectives: a working climate in which our employees feel comfortable and content, for our clients to feel part of our small family and to preserve the natural environment that surrounds us.

Amics d'Es Caló des Moro Fundation

NMD Asesores has, since its creation in 2014, worked with this foundation, whose primary goal is to preserve the environment of the wonderful beaches of Es Caló d’Es Moro i Cala s’Almonia. Its main work includes cleaning these spaces, and replanting and watering plants, mostly native ones. Thanks to its work, many animals and birds have repopulated this place.

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Paper consumption

At NMD Asesores we are committed to carrying out a conscious consumption of paper. That is why our objective within five years is to reduce by 75% the consumption of paper used in the office in comparison to our current values. This will be achieved through the implementation and use of new technologies as well as greater awareness of their importance.

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