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Legal advice

Legal advice in Mallorca

In the development of any economic activity, it is common to make a mistake that later has to be assumed with consequences. For this reason, we take care of offering you a legal, tax and commercial advice service. We are aware of all changes in rules and regulations so that any update does not affect your business.

Real estate law and taxation:

  • Study and advice on real estate operations, from a legal point of view.
  • Management and assistance in the signing of public deeds of real estate operations.
  • Settlement of taxes related to real estate operations.
  • Preparation of private contracts for the sale of land and real estate and leases, both rural and urban.

Commercial contracting and corporate law:

  • Preparation of all types of commercial contracts: sale, loan, among others.
  • Study and processing of corporate operations such as constitutions, dissolutions, capital increases and decreases, among others.

Tourist law:

  • Study and advice on tourist rental.
  • Obtaining holiday tourist licences (ETV).
  • Modifications in holiday tourist licences (ownership, operator, commercial name, among others).
  • Registrations, cancellations and modifications of the Tax on Tourist Stays (Eco-tax).

Processing of deeds:

  • Processing of deeds in the corresponding public registries.
  • Management of the payment of taxes related to deeds.
  • Application and management in the payment of municipal capital gains.
  • Correction of public deeds with defects.

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