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Tax advice

Tax advice for residents and non-residents in Mallorca

We manage compliance with tax obligations before the administration, whether for individuals or legal entities. We prepare the accounting of the company and, in the case of natural persons, the deductible income and expenses in the declaration. Once prepared, we seek the greatest tax savings and advice of the possible decisions to be made.

Comprehensive tax advice:

  • General tax advice, both to individuals and companies.
  • Advice, completion and presentation of all types of tax returns.

Tax claims and inspections:

  • Response to requirements and formulation of allegations and all kinds of appeals against the Tax Administration.
  • Advice on the preparation of resources and claims in administrative proceedings as well as in administrative litigation.
  • Representation and assistance in tax inspections related to any tax.
  • Advice and filing of contentious-administrative lawsuits before the Spanish Superior Courts of Justice and the Courts of Administrative Contentious.

Taxation of non-residents:

  • Study and advice on the taxation of non-residents in Spain, both individuals and legal entities.
  • Processing and settlement of non-resident taxes.
  • Answer to tax queries.
  • Preparation of reports.

Taxation of the family business:

  • Tax planning for business groups.
  • Recurring advice and response to tax queries.
  • Advice on business restructuring.
  • Preparation of reports.

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